The Roof Has Been Raised at the Riverwalk Center

For 15 years, the 774-seat Riverwalk Center, a seasonal amphitheatre covered by a tent, has hosted thousands of concerts and events. In 2006 it was determined that the existing tent needed to be replaced due to normal "wear and tear". And in September 2007, the Town of Breckenridge embarked on a capital improvement project to replace the tent with a roof and walls. This project is a public/private collaborative partnership. Over $1,000,000 has been raised privately to significantly enhance this community icon and hub of cultural offerings. The Town of Breckenridge is funding the remaining cost of the project, over $3 million.

During 2007/2008 winter season, a roof and walls will be erected over the existing amphitheatre structure and other facility improvements will be made as well. This project will substantially enhance the patron and performer experience by improving the acoustics, temperature control and lighting within the facility. The unique connection to the outside environment which makes the Riverwalk Center so special will be maintained with six large clear doors that will open to the Riverwalk Center Lawn. The lawn area expands the Riverwalk Center's capacity by over 2000.

The Riverwalk Center plays host to a number of events, mainly the National Repertory Orchestra. June 8th the Riverwalk Center will open its doors to the musicians. The Town of Breckenridge will have its chance to check out all the changes on June 13th for the Town Party. The public grand opening will be on June 14.

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