1 Travel Tip for a Light & Cheap Ski Vacation

There are a lot of factors that go into the vacation that you are so anxiously awaiting. We at ResortQuest have one tip that can greatly minimize your stress and save you money on your trip to Breckenridge!

Leave your old worn out ski gear at home.

I know, you are convinced that those ancient skis will make it one more year without killing you or someone downhill from you and you don’t want to spend money on rentals.

Actually the way the airlines are working today you will be charged for every bag you check! United for example will make you pay up to $35 dollars per checked bag and $125 for Oversized bags, while American Airlines charges $150!!! (63-115 inches). With a group of 4 that is easily 2 bags per person totaling $280 dollars just in checked luggage fees for just one way - before you even pay for your ski bags! Delta just raised their Oversized Baggage fee to $175! Southwest - who "Loves Bags" - does charge $50 for oversized bags. No matter how hard you try those 210 babies wont pass for carry on.

By renting from our ResortQuest Ski and Sport Shop you will save 30% off 3 or more days of ski rentals when you book a 3 or more nights of vacation through April 2010. That means on an average rental you will save $18 a day for a group of four, and saving you well over a couple hundred dollars in checked luggage.

By renting your equipment from us it will not only save you money but offers you unsurpassed convenience and service with two rental locations in Breckenridge right next to check-in locations, and one shop centrally located in Keystone.

And our team at ResortQuest Ski and Sport will help you choose from top-of-the-line, name-brand ski rental equipment for skiers and riders of all abilities. Our experienced techs are trained in all the latest ski technology and are guaranteed to outfit you with the perfect skis or board for your skier level and experience. That way you will have fun with your skis not battling them all day.

I know it sounds like we are bragging but after renting from the shop you will see the benefits of traveling light, the fun of skiing on new gear, and you’ll save money and the hassle of checking extra bags at the airports.

Call to book your ski rentals today and also receive additional coupons and tune discounts.

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