EpicMix Ski Pass- Map Your Runs & Get Your Pins! Breckenridge Experience

So the Epic Mix Pass has been out now for about half a ski season at Breckenridge Ski Resort and Keystone Ski Resort and we’ve been hearing that not only does our office love the new pass features but a lot of other people do to. 

Lowdown: Epic Mix pass allows for you to be checked in at different Vail Resorts and check all of your skiing statistics online. Because of the handy RF scanning system in season passes as well as Peaks tickets, collecting data is easy: every scan of your pass registers data.  Learn how to get discounted lift tickets with ResortQuest Breckenridge.

EpicMix will calculate your vertical feet, days skied, and lifts ridden. A very fun and interactive part of the EpicMix is the pins feature. For different accomplishments on the hill, such as skiing in less than 5 degree weather to checking in a day late for a powder day, EpicMix will award you many different pins.
It’s all about Vertical: Many pass holders in Breckenridge have challenged each other to see who can get in the most runs, vertical feet or lift rides in a month.  One of our lovely RQ members has reached over well over 20,000 vertical feet in January- that is alot of ski runs!

Get Your Flair!  The EpicMix Pins are like Flair (think the movie Office Space) the more you have the cooler you are – it also means you love to search out and discover new territory, and you love to check in for an après drink on the mountain etc.

Here are just a sampling of the available Breckenridge Pins:  These 13 pins present a little bit more of a challenge to receive all of them than some of the other Vail Resorts….
•    Brecken in - Earned for your first visit to Breckenridge
•    Opening Day Breckenridge - Earned for attending Breckenridge's opening day
•    Breckenridge: Peak 7 - Earned for 5 runs on Peak 7
•    Breckenridge: Peak 10 - Earned for five runs on Peak 10
•    6 pack - Earned for five rides on 6 Chair
•    Mr. T - Earned for checking in at least five times on the T bar
•    Imperial Palace - Earned for riding the Imperial Express Lift five times
•    Ullr - Earned for attending the Ullr Festival
•    Dew Tour - Earned for attending the Dew Tour
•    Breck Pow - Earned for hitting Breckenridge with a 6 inch snow check in
•    Breck Dancer - Earned for 10 days in one season at Breckenridge

•    Breckinator - Earned for 25 days in one season at Breckenridge
•    Tom's Baby - Earned for 50 days in one season at Breckenridge

Come ski in Breckenridge and find out just how cool the EpicMix is – it’s a great way to further involve the whole gang while skiing and on vacation- a little friendly competition for the most pins makes the vacation even more exciting!!!

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jamesj11487 said...

I absolutely love this app! It’s so fun to keep track of pins, and adds a whole new world to snowboarding. EpicMix keeps me busy on the lift along with my remote access app. I am a DISH Network employee, and they have an app which lets you watch live TV and DVR recordings remotely on your phone! Never again will the lift be boring!

Snow said...

I work for Vail Resorts and we literally love hearing feedback on EpicMix. I'm glad you're enjoying it this season. Do you have a lot of vertical feet?

We've only got a couple of weeks left before this amazing season comes to an end. It's truly hard to believe.