Best Sleigh Rides in Breckenridge- Top Picks For the Perfect Dinner Sleigh Ride

“Just hear those sleigh bells ring-a-ling ding-a-ling-a-ling too…come on it’s lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you…”
Nothing says “Colorado” better than an unbelievable sleigh ride outdoors in Summit County.  Whether you are taking a brisk ride during the day through the picturesque national forests here in the high country, or bundling up in the evening, watching falling stars on a dinner sleigh ride, you surely will be making a marvelous memory.

Top Picks for the Best Sleigh Rides:

Two Below Sleigh Rides
Two Below Zero Dinner Sleigh Ride:  Two Below took us out for an old fashioned journey through breath-taking mountain views at 9,000 feet. The trip departed from the Frisco Nordic Center and travelled through the Peninsula Recreation Area down scenic trails.  At night, the open space of the Peninsula afforded us amazing, unobstructed views of the constellations, as well as slow moving satellites and a falling star! The ride ended in a warm dinner cabin where live music was performed and a fabulous dinner was served.  The musician did a great job of playing songs we could all sing along to.  Two Below allows you to bring your own bottle of wine or liquor and bring some to share! (We brought peppermint schnapps and added it to our endless cup of hot chocolate the folks over at the sleigh ride made!) Two Below website

Nordic Dinner Sleigh Rides
Nordic Dinner Sleigh Rides: The Nordic rides are a bit different and just as enjoyable.  They are located deep in the national forest about 6 miles behind the Breckenridge Golf Course.  The drive at night was fun for the family as we had never been back in the forest that far before.  Once we arrived at the center, Al, the owner greeted us and handed us a warm blanket.  The ride through the forest at night was fantastic. In the distance we could hear the howls of the coyotes, which disturbed the sled dogs housed on site.  Lots of howling made for an even more fun journey.   The sleigh traversed in and out of tree lined paths until we came upon our dinner cabin.  Dinner is homemade on site, we especially enjoyed the outstanding steaks they served.  The dinner was – delicious!  We were entertained, before dinner was served, by Mountain Man, who told stories about the old days of Breckenridge.  If you decide to go to the late show, be sure to eat something small before your journey as it is a while before dinner is served.  AND bring you own bottle!    

Breckenridge Stables Sleigh Rides
Breckenridge Stables also offers an incredible sleigh ride with colorful custom built sleighs drawn by a team of Belgian, Clydesdale or Percheron draft horses.  Inside the sleigh, wrapped in a warm blanket we could hear the sleigh bells in the crisp mountain air.  The horses take you up through the paths of the National Forest of Peak Nine in Breckenridge, a picturesque journey.  Halfway through our sleigh ride, we were dropped off mid mountain in a yurt to dine, listen to great music, and enjoy the beautiful view extending from downtown Breckenridge to the Continental Divide.  The yurt is a permanent, heated building decorated in twinkling lights and western decor — the restrooms were heated, too!  The dinner is buffet style and delicious.  Once again, bring your own bottle! Website.

All of the sleigh rides offer menu choices, which you pick when you reserve your trip. Sleigh Ride Tips:  dress warmly – although they all give you warm woolen blankets, you are outdoors at night in the forest – it is a bit nippy!  And bring your camera. All of the rides let you take pictures with these fabulous and gentle animals – we especially enjoyed meeting the Clydesdales and were fascinated by their size.   Contact our concierge who is happy to book the perfect sleigh ride for you! Also ask about the RSVP free coupons you receive when you book your stay with ResortQuest Breckenridge! See our lodging Deals!

Blog written by Karin B. one of our ResortQuest specialists! Contact us today!

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