Breckenridge Haunted Tours: Ghost Stories from Breckenridge’s Past

Do you believe in ghosts? Almost anyone who’s lived in Breckenridge for even a small amount of time will admit that there are some old spirits still around with the story to tell. Modern day Breckenridge is a happy beautiful place, however the town’s rough and rugged past has left behind a few who don’t want to move on.

Including Miss Sylvia who has been in Breckenridge for over 100 years. She arrived with her husband in the tiny mining town during the gold rush only to be left alone when he died in a mining accident. Now she’s been seen regularly in the Prospector mysteriously moving from room to room with her dark hair and white dress. Its said her sole purpose in life was to find a rich husband.

“Everybody will admit to Sylvia,” said Gail Westwood, who researched Breckenridge's ghost history through books, web pages and interviews and now leads ghost tours through the town. “There have been many sightings, but only by men.”

And the stories continue from there. To hear all the spooky stories that make up some of Breckenridge’s past you have to take the Haunted Tours lead by Gail Westwood who works for the Breckenridge Heritage Society.

The first stop of this walking tour in the historic district, is the Dredge Boat then wander through the Valley Brook Cemetery over to the Brown Hotel which has one of the most infamous ghosts in town, Ms. Whitney. Westwood interviewed three of the bartenders at the Brown, and all had some story about ghostly occurrences; one even had a photo of an apparition appearing in the large fireplace.

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To enjoy a little scare and some goosebumps, meet at the Breckenridge Visitor Center for the Haunted Tour this Friday Aug. 13th or Sept. 4. More dates are to come.

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