Easy Traveling Options to Breckenridge & Keystone, CO

No matter what season you are thinking about heading to Breckenridge or Keystone for a vacation, the transportation options are plentiful and do-able.

Breckenridge is tucked up in the mountains about 80 miles from central Denver making for an hour & half drive through some of Colorado’s spectacular Rocky Mountains on the I-70 corridor.

As you begin to make the epic climb to the Continental Divide you will pass through some of Colorado’s historic mining towns of Idaho Springs and Georgetown. Keep your eyes open for the well camouflaged Big Horn Sheep who love the steep rocky hill sides along the highway.

As you continue the climb you will make it to the Eisenhower–Johnson Memorial Tunnel at 11,158 feet. This epic tunnel is one of the highest vehicular tunnels in the world and is the longest mountain tunnel. Don’t try holding your breath on this one. As you get to this tunnel think of the labor and time it took to construct this tunnel in 1979. After the tunnel, make the descent back to “lower” ground and after passing through the town of Silverthorne look for the CO Route 9 exit at Frisco. This easy road winds its way into the high mountains surrounding Breckenridge!

Now we realize mountain driving is not for everyone, or even if you are happy to drive not all vacations work with a rental car etc. So here are the other popular travel options to get to Breckenridge & Keystone:

Airplane: There are three airports located around the Breckenridge Area;

Ground Transportation:

From these airports you have the option of renting a car or catching a ride with Colorado Mountain Express. ResortQuest partners with both companies to offer our guests the best discounts on travel to Breckenridge & Keystone. Colorado Mountain Express or CME has over 420,000 travelers that choose from shared ride shuttles or private car airport services from Eagle County Regional Airport & Denver International. CME has an unsurpassed safety record, flexible schedules, impeccably maintained vehicles and courteous, friendly drivers that let you sit back, relax and take in our breathtaking Rocky Mountain scenery.

All these transportation options to Breckenridge get you on vacation quickly while getting to enjoy the Colorado views.

When booking your trip to Colorado, choose ResortQuest Breckenridge or Keystone and all of our reservation agents are happy to help you book the best transportation for you and your guests. Winter is coming up quickly so get your vacation on a roll by viewing our current winter lodging deals.

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