Breckenridge Ski Resort Opens 2010/2011

The day we have all been waiting for is here and opening day has powder! Breckenridge has opened up the beautiful white fluffy ski runs and bowls that we've been dreaming about!

Check out the video! Also see what events are going on today at the ski resort!

Get to Breckenridge to play in all the fresh snow perfect for opening day! See our awesome lodging deals!


KQAndrews said...

This is a long shot, as no one seems to comment on this blog, but does anyone have a clue what the song is that they're using in this video? It's driving me nuts - I like it but it's not credited ANYWHERE (not cool, Breck!). If you know it, help a sister out!

Shelly Benson said...

Hey KQAndrews,
We are not sure what song this is either... bummer but it is a good one! Thanks for reading the blog!